Puppy Pet Photography at the Jersey Shore for Moo Moo’s first birthday

It’s very exciting when the phone rings and a client says they would like to book a session in honor of their dog turning 1. It is a thrill to be a part of the equation that celebrates their dog’s birthday. Many dogs I know have first birthday parties and annual birthday parties for that matter, as four legged family members are such treasured companions. Birthdays are documented by taking adorable photos to preserve memories of your dogs’ size, features and relationship with the family. 

Just when I think a dog couldn’t be loved anymore, I keep meeting new clients with tales about their dog and I can just tell how much their best friend means to them. For me, to be able to capture a family’s love for their dog in my portraits is a gift I will never tire of giving.

Below is one of Moo Moo’s first Birthday portraits from his photo session.  

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Puppy Pet Photography for Morristown Couple

I love to take pictures of bulldogs in any size, shape or color. I heard from Niko’s parents that they wanted to capture him before he was too big and out of puppyhood. They wanted images that showed his small size and of course his adorable features at this age. We found the perfect night and decided to meet at the beach. I always arrive extra early to scout around for the best angles and backdrops. When Niko arrived, and I saw this little man walking toward me on the beach, I just smiled at the reminder that I have the best job in the world. 

I have selected the 6 images below to show you some of my favorites from the magical night. 

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