Does your black dog have fewer photos taken of their sweet face due to poor lighting conditions and lack of detail of their expressions? Clients often come to me with black dogs as they have trouble photographing on their own. In the studio, I am able to use precise lighting and meticulous retouching to have the fur and details shine forth for black dogs. It has become a favorite of mine, to be able to help clients with darker dogs and I love the compelling results!

This client called from Rye, New York inquiring about a studio session for their dog Beau after they found my work on line. The session was a surprise present for a husband and father and the family was excited from start to finish to have something so special and personalized for under the tree. Both mother and daughter were very involved, from helping with the pose ideas to selecting the 20 images for the album and digitals. I was also thrilled to have received a video of Christmas morning showing how the gifts were a true surprise with emotions over flowing.

I’ve been meaning to show on the blog, more examples of what we can capture in custom studio sessions, so below are my top ten images of Beau which will give you a few ideas of what we can achieve for your beloved dog. 🙂

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Heirloom album of dog photos