Every dog’s photo studio session is a one-of-a-kind adventure. Join me as we share the stories of special dogs and their adoring people. Enjoy heartwarming dog portraits, adorable puppy photos and laugh out loud moments where dogs remind us again and again why they are our best and truest friends.

'Calling all dogs' to get Headshot portraits like this Bulldog

Calling all dog lovers!

Calling all dog lovers! Have you ever wanted to capture the adorable essence of your furry friend in a stunning piece of artwork for your home? Look no further than our professional photography sessions in the studio. Introducing George – the lovable bulldog who has stolen my heart and inspired me to create beautiful keepsake…


Head tilt on Golden Retriever Mix wearing a white flower

NJ Dog Mom loves her new rescue dog Otis

OTIS’S MOM WRITES: I didn’t want another dog. My older Lab, Moxie, passed away in August 2021, and I was shattered. She was my heart dog. Her younger brother Milo, now 13-1/2 years old, was a very, very close second. I figured that I’d shower my sweet, old boy with all of my love and…


Doodle puppy poses in box in photo studio

Top Ten puppy photos

QUOTE FROM MOM: We brought Mia into our home after losing our beloved Labradoodle at a very young age…Mia brought smiles, laughter and joy back to us. She has such a playful nature and is super smart and training quickly. Or is she training us??? She loves to snuggle and has learned to give kisses…


Scottie dog on the fence

An Extraordinary Dog Named Nesta Marley

A letter from Nesta Marley’s Mom The Scottish Terrier is one of five terrier breeds originating in Scotland.  This breed is fondly and humorously cited as being “tough enough “to rock both a beard and a skirt!  Nesta Marley typifies a Scottish Terrier both with his Scottie-tude personality and his handsome good looks.  But Nesta…