Rescue dog portraits to help with adoption

It definitely hits home for me when I see dogs in need of being rescued and given a second chance.


The past few dogs my husband and I have rescued was due to noticing their adorable adoption photos on the internet. I keep this experience at the forefront of my mind when I photographed these wonderful rescue dogs…that an image found us, a great photo can find someone who will be moved to adopt a pet. There is a connection that is formed from the photographs before you even meet the dog. It’s almost as if it speaks to you and that it has somehow found you.

Madison-dog-photography-of-available-for-adoption-rescue-Monmouth-County-NJThis past week I have been working with Jen McFadden from Home Free Animal Rescue on a photography concept for their rescue dogs. Jen had the idea to display images of their adoptable dogs as a traveling exhibition, with hopes that the additional connections made will lead to the dogs finding a home.

I invite you to visit HFAR’s first exhibit, set for this weekend of May 9th, at the Chase Bank on Broad Street in Red Bank, New Jersey. Below is a sneak peek of the dogs that are available for adoption, that I was honored to photograph for such a good cause.

What I learned from Jen is that “some municipalities in the South have a kill rate between 60-70%. Some of the dogs going in never even make a list – they are euthanized immediately, especially owner surrenders. Most are strays, although some owners lie and say they found the stray dog to avoid paying the surrender fee. HFAR’s purpose is to save dogs in distress, so most of these dogs are on the very urgent lists, some within minutes of the euthanasia room.” I am truly inspired by the work they do, saving one dog at a time.
Although the statistics about homeless dogs can be very sad, let’s make a positive change and difference together – by sharing the images of these beautiful animals: {Peachy, Madison, Simon, Nixie, BB, Baby Girl, Leeta, Sugar, Zelda, Daryl, and Jack Stallone} to help them find their way home.
If you would like to hear more about their story or fill out an application to adopt, please visit
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