Whether your best friend is a puppy, adult or senior dog, always remember that you rescued their hearts but they captured yours. This is why I am so passionate about recognizing that very special and intimate dog-human bond, the joy they bring into your world and preserving their legacy.

During the editing process, these special moments are revealed time and again. I discover them like hidden treasures within the photo sessions. Then, when I present my artist’s picks to you, we will view together the loving personality of your loyal companion in soulful imagery.

I’m here to answer any questions you have about creating lasting, endearing photos of your very own Good Doggy. I would love to hear about your dog and get to know them.

Dogs are family. I’m excited to create some memorable photos of your loved dog together that will hold a special place in your heart for years to come.

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With warm regards,

Sonya Kolb
Dog Photographer

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Beautiful memories are created with every Good Doggy in our lives. Moments with our dogs are some of the most precious moments we experience on this earth. The unconditional love that we give and receive, to and from our canine companions, truly sustains us in life. We are so lucky to have them by our sides. They are our best and truest friends.

⌘ Photographing dogs who are genuinely loved and honored by their families fills my heart with great joy.

⌘ Capturing your dog’s essence and preserving their legacy in timeless photography makes me indescribably happy.

⌘ I am grateful to love what I do and to witness the love of dogs.

Audrey the rescued Staffordshire Terrier with blanket

The Good Doggy Family

My first good doggy was Audrey. A rescue dog who rescued us, you’ll find her silhouette lovingly immortalized in my logo and her sweet manner in Good Doggy Photography’s name. She came into my life before I took up pet photography. To this day, I wish I had photos that truly captured her tender nature and her zest for life.

Crazy for tennis balls, Audrey would find them in the most unlikely places and balance them perfectly on her nose. You’ll find tennis balls across my web site, too, in memory of her.

Audrey crossed the rainbow bridge way too young, taken from us by cancer at only six-years old. After she was gone and we had so few images to remind us of her, I was inspired to seize the day and savor every canine moment I could in pictures. This is how Good Doggy Photography was born, and my unending quest to preserve photos that matter.

Frannie is a rescue dog from Mississippi who came into our lives like a ray of sunshine. She enjoys long hikes and soaking up the sun at our home. She lies near my feet while I work on the behind the scenes and greets clients when they come to our door. She’s even a good sailor, happily watching the world go by from our canoe as we navigate around the local waterways. She is my true companion, inspiring me each and every day to live in the moment and treasure family and unconditional love.

Beloved rescue dog adoringly looking at her Dad