Adorable Pug lying by the fence

The Occasion: Bert the Pug’s parents wanted to commemorate his first birthday by capturing images of who he is at one.

The Location: They chose Allaire State Park in Monmouth County for the backdrop. The restored historic 19th century Allaire Village was once a factory town that was built in 1835. The rustic charm of the property and the thirteen original buildings offers a feeling of life in the past.

About our Session: We worked our way thru the small historic town, stopping every few feet to catch Bert enjoying his exploration on a pristine summer day. He looked too adorable in his birthday hat and bowtie!

Exciting Plans for the Next Session: Now Bert has a new nine-week old baby brother, Ernie, whom I will be photographing 3-4 times this year to capture his first year in portraits. Ernie is a chinchilla pug. Recently I attended Ernie’s baby shower and we took a few indoor portraits before his friends arrived.

Stay Tuned – Towards the end of this year, I will be very excited to share the new Bert and Ernie portraits!

 Xo – Sonya